Thursday, January 28, 2010

How about viva vs Myvi?

Perodua Myvi or Viva, which one to choose?

Many people asking to themselves which one to choose, Myvi or Viva?
If Perodua Myvi, 1.0cc or 1.3cc? if Viva, 660 or 850 or 1.0 cc?
It is depends on you, on your budget or target. If your budget is low, and your targetting the lowest fuel consumption for going to work everyday, then Perodua Viva 660 is the best choice. Perodua now only have few car models after stopping the production of Kancil, Kelisa and Kenari which has been replaced with Viva 660cc, 850cc and 1.0cc.

Many have done a few test drive of all the models of Myvi and Viva. For Viva, the 850cc version has the moderate pickup like normal car and the 1.0cc Viva have extra or should we say over pick up due to too large engine capacity on a small and light car. That makes the fuel consumption higher for the 3 cylinder DOHC DVVT engine.

The auto transmission for 1.0cc Viva only has 3 speed gear instead of 4 speed on a normal automatic transmission car. That contribute to higher fuel consumption. If you ask me, which one is best? I would suggest the Viva 850cc manual, enough power to weight and fuel efficient. But if you prefer automatic, then you have no choice to get the 1.0 engine. Need the best fuel efficiency? Then Viva 660 will be the one but don’t expect anything on the performance.

For Perodua Myvi, 1.0cc only available in manual transmission with 3 cylinder engine compare to the 1.3cc version which has 4 cylinder and more efficient. But driving the Myvi 1.0cc manual, it has enough power and amazingly has no disappointment when you need the performance. Off course the Myvi 1.3 have better performance and have the better fuel consumption after I made a survey from several user due to the 4 cylinder smoother engine. The auto version also has a good pickup for 1.3 litre engine car.